Saturday, January 4, 2014

... forcing the issue ...days 3 and 4 ...

I really thought that doing the 365-challenge of "make something every day and change your life!" would be a no-brainer ... it's starting to "hurt," however, and I'm only on day 4 ... omg!

Day 3 ... I give you a torn paper Madam Butterfly ...ugh ... and Day 4 (that's today) I was supposed to be picking stuff up during a five-minute walkabout, but all I did was run one quick store errand today, got a McDonald's Diet Coke at the drive-through and let the dogs out ... I couldn't think of anything to make with a McDonald's straw, frozen boogers, dog turds and a sales receipt, and so I did a walkabout the house (after my significant other vacuumed/missed a whole bunch of shit) and so today I give you a wildflower comprised of some random wicker, a piece of knotted yarn and some dried leaves ...

Who would have thought that forced daily art would be so hard!

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